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I will pay attention to your wishes and suggest the best way to solve your problem.


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I’m a Photographer (drone-, architectural), designer and entrepreneur from Estonia / design company:

My clients include both small local companies and international enterprises. People turn to me when it is required to shoot real estate & landscape at a guaranteed high level.

I know from my own experience how important it is to find a specialist who you can fully trust, so I will pay attention to your wishes and suggest the best way to solve your problem. 

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Experience since 1999

Experience since 1999

I started working as a photographer and designer in 1999, and since then my portfolio of clients and experience has grown steadily.

1,111+ Happy Customer

1,111+ Happy Customer

The number of customers is definitely higher, because there were a lot of people in front of my camera at the events and there are definitely tens of thousands of shared photo downloaders. 

What I offer

Aerial photography

Is ideal for long shots when you want to show a residential complex, a business center, or an entire village. On the other hand, this is far from the only scope of the drone – in the gallery there are examples of shooting industrial facilities, events, etc. Unfortunately, in the center of city’s, has now been installed equipment that makes it difficult for quadrocopters (drone) to fly (the so-called jammers). Therefore, the possibility of such a survey depends on the specific location.

I fly with DJI dorne Mavic 3

Architecture photography

The shooting is carried out taking into account the weather and lighting, emphasizing the architect’s intention as much as possible. For shooting, special Tilt-Shift optics are used, which minimize perspective distortions and most accurately convey the volumes of buildings without their deformation. When shooting, angles are selected that demonstrate the advantages of the object and hide its possible disadvantages (for example, construction in progress on the site, etc.).

Interior shooting

Taking into account the specifics of the room, shooting of interiors is carried out using external light, or without it. Also, as in the case of shooting architecture, Tilt-Shift optics are used to correct perspective distortions. The main types of rented premises: showrooms, recreation centers, cottages and suburban real estate, business centers, hotel rooms, industrial workshops, interiors of catering and retail establishments.

Industrial photography

Industrial photography combines many genres – it can be interior photography of workshops, production, or aerial photography of structures and processes. As a rule, we travel with an assistant to filming industry.

Image retouching

As a result of each shooting, the customer receives a certain set of processed photographs – basic retouching, which is understood as general color correction, perspective alignment, noise and aberration removal, is included in the price. Deep photo retouching, as in the example below, is an additional service that is paid separately. With the help of deep retouching, you can remove visual debris from images (advertising, wires, cars, etc.), change the sky, add missing elements to the frame, etc.

Purchase a portfolio photo as a file

If you would like to purchase the portfolio photos as a the high-resolution files themselves, select the photos you need and send your request with a photo(s) link to Also write down where / what for you want to use the file. I will draw up a contract for you and tell you how to proceed.

Prices are 115 eur / file for a photo and 175 eur / file for panorama.

We do not sell photos taken to the for client.
PS! The amount of VAT is added to the prices.

Framed portfolio photos

We are currently preparing to purchase printed photos with a frame. We will add this opportunity to buy photos approximately August – September 2023., +37256693725

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